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Note: This document provides links to external and third-party website, for convenience of meeting participants, and for use at their discretion. ESCAP cannot vouch for the accuracy or correctness of the information contained therein.

PART I: General information, participation and registration

PART II: Visa, health and travel

PART III: Papersmart and green meetings venue

PART IV: Accessibility

To enhance accessibility to the UNCC for persons with disabilities, whether visual, physical, brain lesions, hearing or speech impairments, a set of assistive devices are available upon request in a designated area at the Accessibility Centre, level 1, UNCC. For more information please email [email protected]

PART V: Security and Safety

For security and safety reasons, participants are reminded NOT to leave their belongings unattended. Belongings left unattended within the UN complex may be removed to the nearest Lost and Found counter.

Drones are aircraft which are operated with no pilot on board.  Being aircraft, drones must comply with aviation safety rules. The UN prohibits any unmanned aircraft from flying over the premises without prior written approval.

All occupants of the UN complex are requested to comply at all times with every lawful direction given by the officers of the United Nations Security and Safety Section.

Emergency Contact information:

UN Security

Security Control Centre (24/7): +66.2.2881102; +66.2.2881113
UN Security Emergency Number: +66.2.2881100
Mobile: +66.81.8078471

Thailand Emergency Numbers:

Police general emergency call:  191
Ambulance and rescue: 1554
Fire: 199
Tourism Police: 1155

PART VI: Services at UNCC

PART VII: Hotels

PART VIII: Transport in Bangkok, city weather and power



The United Nations Building
Rajadamnern Nok Avenue
Bangkok 10200

Telephone: (66-2) 288-1234

Fax: (66-2) 288-1000