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Bangkok - 18 Jan 2021

As of December 2020, five ESCAP member States completed their domestic procedures for accession/ratification and became parties to the Framework Agreement on Facilitation of Cross-Border Paperless in Asia and the Pacific.  The Framework Agreement is set to enter into force on 20 February 2021. To maximize benefits and ensure inclusive implementation of this UN treaty, it is important that as many countries as possible can be parties to it and participate in the process of actual implementation upon its entry into force.

In that context, the ESCAP secretariat has launched an Accession/Ratification Accelerator Programme in August 2020 and has further extended it until December 2021. As part of the Programme, the following technical assistance and advisory services may be provided to developing country member States:

  • Translation of the treaty text and other related support materials into domestic language (if required in the process of domestic ratification/accession process).
  • Provision of a local/national expert to accelerate domestic accession/ratification process, including for:
    1. Preparation of documents in local language for interagency consultations and government approval of ratification/accession
    2. Organizing inter-agency consultations, including logistical arrangement.
    3. Other administrative support needed by the focal ministry/agency in completing domestic ratification/accession procedure.
  • Development of tailor-made notes/briefs on benefits and implications from becoming a Party to the Framework Agreement.
  • Support to the organization of national interagency consultations, including by providing regional expert(s)/ ESCAP secretariat to deliver briefing and answers questions raised during consultations.

The assistance and advisory services are made available upon request, on a first-come first-served basis. For more information, please write to Mr. Yann Duval, Chief, Trade Policy and Facilitation Section, United Nations ESCAP at [email protected], specifying type of support activities requested.

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