Easy Home (管家易)

Easy Home is a social enterprise which aims to provide high quality home care and nursing service to elderly since 2009. Services include cleaning service, nursing care, health massage and therapy services. It also creates employment opportunities for trained persons. Elderly could use these services with a moderate fee, and the revenue will go to its parent organization, Senior Citizen Home Safety Association, to support other social services


"EM water" dispersing service (EM사랑지킴이 사업단)

"Effective Micro-organism" or "EM" refers to 80 kinds of micro-organisms that are known for their effectiveness in cleaning water, preventing rust, and decomposing organic matters. Since 2012, older persons are hired to spray "EM water" inside toilets and faucets inside public organizations, schools, shopping street, etc, three times a week. The regional government receives requests from around 170 public buildings in Incheon City and assigns older persons to work in the buildings.

Sea Guardians (바다 사랑 지킴이)

Seven hundred older persons aged over 65 in 30 cities participated in the project in 2009, which was a collaboration among three governmental entities (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport; Korea Labor Force Development Institute for the Aged; and Korea Marine Environment Management Corporation). As coastal area cleaners, older persons collected garbage for four hours in the morning each day and received minimal wage. 

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