Juvenile delinquency

Dialogue of Generations (Диалог поколений)

The project aims to solve the adolescents' crisis by fostering intergenerational dialogues within the family. The programme is implemented by the NGO "Ascent" and supported by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation. The idea is based on using the system of family support for addressing the issues related to juvenile delinquency. The family uses the intergenerational dialogue to build a healthy interaction within the family and resolve co-dependent relationships. 

Protecting adolescents (청소년 보호지원사업)

In 2013, the Incheon Senior Resources Development Center would hired older persons (over 65) to form an  "Adolescent protection and support team" to work with the local police and local middle and high schools in the area where juvenile delinquency is rampant. Older persons' duties included monitoring local shops so that cigarettes are not sold to students and patrolling school district.

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