Cadenza TV Series (流金颂电视剧系列)

Hong Kong
The Hong Kong Jockey Club CADENZA Office
II-1 (Health promotion and well-being throughout life)
III-2 (Care and support for caregivers)
III-4 (Images of ageing)

In 2009, CADENZA co-produced a 10-episode TV Series with Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) to help Hong Kong prepare for the challenges posed by an ageing population; to promote active ageing and project a positive public image of the older people. The series covered the six themes: (1) Health Promotion & Maintenance: Optimising Mental and Physical Functions; (2) Health & Social Services in Hong Kong; (3) The Living Environment; (4) Quality of Life & Quality of Dying; (5) Legal & Financial Issues; and (6) Ageism / Disparity. One of the series "beautiful memory" (美丽回忆) is about the life of elderly with dementia in Hong Kong .