Grandma-online, Grandpa-online (Бабушка-онлайн, Дедушка-онлайн)

Russian Federation
Adygea Regional Office of the Trade Unions of Russia "Sotsprof"
I-1 (Active participation in society and development)
I-4 (Access to knowledge, education and training)
I-5 (Intergenerational solidarity)

As a regional office of the Trade Unions of Russia, "Softsprof" launched a social project "Grandma-online, Grandpa-online" to promote computer literacy to older adults and disabled persons free of charge. The project trains elderly volunteers to teach their other elderly students to learn computer skills to navigate the internet, communicate via Skype, make personal e-mail boxes and create personal page on social networks. The social project prevents older persons from social isolation in a digital society. It was launched in May 2012 as a regional project and it became a successful model to be implemented at the federal level in 2013.