Ask My Pharmacist - Online drug enquiry system "AMPOULE" (【針藥】- 香港中文大學網上藥物諮詢平台)

AMPOULE is an online interactive drug enquiry system administered by the Chinese University of Hong Kong School of Pharmacy. Through AMPOULE, the public may inquire about their medication directly with pharmacists. The project in implemented with the hope to improve drug safety, help patients develop a better understanding about their medications, and improve their overall health.

100 Intelligent Bases for the Aged (智能化养老实验基地)

The Chinese government plans to build 100 high-tech nursing homes to address long-term care demands of the growing ageing population. The high-tech system will feature cutting-edge information and communication technologies to provide medical care, education, and entertainment for the elderly. It can also provide customized rehabilitation and mental care according to individual needs.

Gadget aid for the elderly (意念控制机器人造福空巢老人)

Researchers developed a remote-control that can send simple instructions to cell phones, house lights and other modified devices by the user's facial expression. It is intended for people with mobility difficulties, including the elderly. The remote-control device includes a headphone-like brainwave scanner and a receiver that connects to a laptop.

e-Care Link Service (智平安服務)

This service is provided through a Home Tablet. By pressing the "e-Care Link" botton on the tablet, user will be connected directly to a 24-hour Call & Care service center to enquire information or seek assistance. When a user seeks hospitalization for medical treatment, the user’s family/emergency contact person will be informed, and the relevant health record and electronic medical record will be sent to the A&E Departments under the Hospital Authority to facilitate appropriate medical treatment. Elderly could use this service by paying a monthly fee.

Personal Emergency Link Service (平安鐘服務)

Users of this service can have access to 24-hour support and care service, community service, referral service, caring and appointment reminder service, and short-term emotional counseling service. It is designed for indoor use, as it requires a fixed telephone connection. Elderly can use this service by paying a monthly fee. Users with financial difficulties could apply for a charity subsidy.

eElderly (長青網)

The eElderly website targets a wide range of users including third-agers and older persons (aged 50 and above) so as to promote digital inclusion. eElderly contains news, information on discount shopping, learning materials, social media, and  other useful information for older persons and NGOs.


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