daily functioning

Ad-hoc Housework Help for Eldelry (生活支援ヘルパー派遣)

This service is intended for older persons who, due to an injury etc, have difficulties performing daily household tasks for a limited period, but who are otherwise fit to perform functions of daily life. Older persons living alone (or with an elderly spouse) may apply for this service, and upon certification of eligibilty by the City, the service can be requested for up to 2 hours a week at the service fee of 220 yen per hour.

Sun-drying Futon and Bed Linen (寝具の乾燥・消毒)

This is a service to sun-dry (and thereby sterilize) futon and bed linen. It is a common household task in Japan where people traditionally sleep on cotton-filled futon. Elderly who are living on their own and have difficulties performing this themselves may request this service. Upon certification of eligibility by the City, the service is provided once every month for free.

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