Public awareness

Capacity-building for clinical diagnosis and care management of dementia

It is an education programme for several different groups to improve their awareness of dementia and dementia care. Training for health professionals was offered to memory specialists, general practitioners, case managers, and community health doctors. By 2014, almost 700 memory specialists, 1,000 physicians and 200 nurses received the training. Educational programme for the general public included a national campaign co-sponsored by China Central Television (CCTV) and education for journalists.

China Alzheiner's Project (记忆健康360工程)

The China Alzheimer's Project was launched in 2009 by the China Contemporary TCM Institute (an NGO under the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine). Its mission is to raise public awareness on prevention, care, and knowledge of Alzheimer's disease and to reduce the incidence of such disease. To do so, the organization has carried out various activities such as education, research, and advocacy. It also established cooperation with the Nursing School of Peking University Medical Center in 2010 to jointly develop education and training programs.

Road Safety Campaign

To increase road safety, JAMA's annual spring and autumn road safety campaigns support the government’s goals to promote vehicle-based safety measures. For example, the focus in the 2013 Autumn Road Safety Campaign included: 1) Increase drivers' attention to elderly pedestrians; 2) Promote reflective materials for elderly pedestrians’ self-protection, and 3) Promote proper wearing of motorcycle helmets.

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