Dementia Supporter Training Lecture (認知症サポーター養成講座)

The City offers a regular seminar on dementia, with a view to making their community dementia-friendly. Recognizing the fact that 1 in 10 older persons (65 years and above) living in Musashino City is affected by the disease, this free, public education programme provides basic knowledge and practical tips for comminicating and living with persons affected by dementia. Anyone living in Musashino City is welcome, and upon completion they are given an orange wrist band of "community dementia supporter".

China Alzheiner's Project (记忆健康360工程)

The China Alzheimer's Project was launched in 2009 by the China Contemporary TCM Institute (an NGO under the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine). Its mission is to raise public awareness on prevention, care, and knowledge of Alzheimer's disease and to reduce the incidence of such disease. To do so, the organization has carried out various activities such as education, research, and advocacy. It also established cooperation with the Nursing School of Peking University Medical Center in 2010 to jointly develop education and training programs.

Liason Committee for Elderly with Dementia (認知症高齢者関係機関連絡会)

The liaison committee is set to exchange opinions, information and best practices on preventing and spotting dementia patients wandering on the street. Advocacy activities are also held by the Committee. District Offices, Police Stations, Fire Stations, Medical Institutions and related regional organizations form the Liaison Committee. Older persons may contribute inputs to this committee.

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