Photo with Love Project (愛心攝影服務)

In this digital world where traditional photography shops are becoming less common, it is often difficult for older persons and persons with disabilities to get a proper photo of themselves. This project aims to take formal as well as daily pictures for the elderly free of charge. Volunteer photographers, including professional, retired,  and amateur photographers, provide this service. Any social organizations could apply for this service on behalf of the older person.

The Elderly Women Who Guard The Art Gallery (Суровые смотрительницы на страже российских музеев)

In most Russian state museums, the guardians are retired women women work as the guardians. They do not have to wear a uniform. In many cases, these elderly women appreciate art and have sufficient knowledge to explain the displayed art pieces. Inspired by this, a photographer, Andy Freeberg, initiated a photographic project of these elderly women entitled "Guardians of Russian Art Museums".

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