Online Training for Dementia Care (痴呆优质照护在线培训课程)

The online training course is designed for professional care workers and family carers of persons with dementia. It was developed by Alzheimer’s Disease Chinese (ADC) in collaboration with Peking University Institute of Mental Health and China Alzheimer’s Project. There are 5 modules for the "Dementia: Basics course" and 10 modules for the "Dementia: Advanced course". Access to these 15-modules is available at at any time, for a fee.

Neighbourhood Elderly Care Project (「護老街坊」鄰舍支援計劃)

This is a two-year, time-bound project (July 2011 - June 2013). It aims to support elderly living in the community by training neighbours to offer volunteer home-based care to the nearby elderly and to build human capital to serve the community. The trained volunteers would provide home support service to the matched elders, including meal delivery or preparation, house cleaning, escort, purchase and delivery of daily necessities and house sitting.

Integrated Home Care Service (綜合家居照顧服務)

In order to enable elders and those who have difficulties in daily functioning to remain living in the community, Integrated Home Care Service provides the elderly with a wide spectrum of home care and support services. Services include nursing care, rehabilitation service, home safety and advice, home modification, personal care, escorting service, day respite care, child care, laundry, meal delivery service, purchase of daily necessities, house cleaning, psycho-social intervention and referral service etc.

Mobile Truck for Dementia Patients (「賽馬會高錕腦伴同行」流動車)

This is the first mobile truck for dementia patients in Hong Kong, to reach out for dementia patients. Operating since 2013, the truck is equipped with an activity room where consultations and cognitive trainings for patients can be carried out. The service is provided free of charge. The truck will travel to districts with a large elderly population and with inadequate support services for dementia patients. It will cooperate with local community organizations to promote the service.

Community Podiatric Care Service (社區足病診療服務)

Chronic podiatric patients often could not receive sufficient support after they leave the hospital. This Community Podiatric Care Service aims to provide continuing nursing care for podiatric patients at an affordable fee. Qualified patients above 60 years olf with financial difficulties could apply for this service or they can be referred by social workers and nurses.

Carer Support Service (護老者支援服務)

Carer Support Service aims at facilitating and supporting carers to take care of elders in the community. Target beneficiatirs of this Service are informal carers, such as family members, relatives and friends who take care of elders in the community. Scope of the service includes skill-training and educational programmes, self-help and mutual support groups, simple counselling and referral services, sharing information and reference materials related to elder care, and social and recreational activities.


Macau Foundation - Caritas Home Care Services (澳門基金會明愛家居護養服務)

The Home Care Service is for people with an elderly parent at home or persons with disabilities. A professional team will provide nursing care, rehabilitation care, social work and counselling services, and training for carers in their own home. It aims to reduce the pressure of hospitalization/nursing home admission. As an NGO, Caritas strives to maintain its service at an affordable price for the elderly through receiving government subsidies and public donations.


Easy Home (管家易)

Easy Home is a social enterprise which aims to provide high quality home care and nursing service to elderly since 2009. Services include cleaning service, nursing care, health massage and therapy services. It also creates employment opportunities for trained persons. Elderly could use these services with a moderate fee, and the revenue will go to its parent organization, Senior Citizen Home Safety Association, to support other social services



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