Installation of Earthquake-resistant Furnitures for Older Persons (家具転倒防止金具等取付事業)

Название Принявшего Органа: 
Musashino City Municipal Government
Тип Принявшего Органа: 
Local government
Другие проблемы ММПДПС : 
I-8 (Emergency situations)
II-6 (Older persons and disabilities)
III-1 (Housing and the living environment)

Older persons (65 years old or above) living alone or with his/her elderly spouse, as well as persons with disabilities, are eligible for this service. The City will arrange for someone (an older person from the same community, employed for the temporary job through the City's Silver Human Resources Center) to visit their house and stabilize up to 4 pieces of furniture (e.g. closet, cupboard, book shelf, etc) with special appratus so that the furniture will not fall during earthquakes.