Monitoring national exams (시험 감독관 파견 )

The Ministry of Health & Welfare announced a plan for 2006-2007 to hire 3,000 older persons to work as examination supervisors for monitoring students taking exams at the governmental offices, public organizations, and other affiliated organizations. By the end of 2006, the project was under way in 23 regions, and the Ministry of Health & Welfare planned to expand the project through collaboration with other governmental bodies, such as the Ministry of Education. 

Protecting adolescents (청소년 보호지원사업)

In 2013, the Incheon Senior Resources Development Center would hired older persons (over 65) to form an  "Adolescent protection and support team" to work with the local police and local middle and high schools in the area where juvenile delinquency is rampant. Older persons' duties included monitoring local shops so that cigarettes are not sold to students and patrolling school district.

Social enterprise "Du Du" (사회적 기업 "두두")

Since 2008, Daegu Suseong Senior Club (DSSC)* runs projects to promote elderly entreneurship and employment of older persons, with support from the Ministry of Health and Welfare. DSSC's "Du Du" project lets older persons grow and harvest their own beans and process them into products such as tofu, and sell them online. *(All senior clubs in the Republic of Korea were created by Article 23 of the Elderly Welfare Law and are supported by the Ministry of Health and Welfare.) 

"EM water" dispersing service (EM사랑지킴이 사업단)

"Effective Micro-organism" or "EM" refers to 80 kinds of micro-organisms that are known for their effectiveness in cleaning water, preventing rust, and decomposing organic matters. Since 2012, older persons are hired to spray "EM water" inside toilets and faucets inside public organizations, schools, shopping street, etc, three times a week. The regional government receives requests from around 170 public buildings in Incheon City and assigns older persons to work in the buildings.


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