Gingko House

Улс орнууд: 
Hong Kong
Хэрэгжүүлэгч байгууллагын нэр: 
Gingko House
Хэрэгжүүлэгч байгууллагын төрөл: 
Private sector
Мадридын насжилтын талаарх олон улсын төлөвлөгөөний (MIPAA) холбогдох асуудлууд: 
I-1 (Active participation in society and development)
I-2 (Work and the ageing labour force)
II-5 (Mental health needs of older persons)
III-4 (Images of ageing)

Gingko House is a catering service enterprise with organic ingredients and social objectives, trying to generate welfare for older persons by engaging in business. In 2005, “Everbright Concern Action”, a charitable organization founded by a group of social workers, opened the first "Gingko House" Restaurant, run by the elderly within its social service center in the Wong Tai Sin District. It was hoped that the restaurant could provide a suitable working environment and an employment opportunity for elderly who wished to work to well spend their time in the latter part of their lives or to regain self-confidence. The resuatrant was well-received by the locals and provided job opportunities to those with financial or psychological needs. In order to benefit more elderly, Gingko House opened 3 more restaurants since, including in the center of the city. Using its proceedings from the catering business, Gingko House engages in charity activities for older persons, single-parent households, and low income families.