Reinventing with Design "ReD 2010": Active Ageing & Inclusive Design Conference and Workshops (设计创新机2010--积极颐年及无障碍设计)

Улс орнууд: 
Hong Kong
Хэрэгжүүлэгч байгууллагын нэр: 
Hong Kong Design Centre, School of Design of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and Hong Kong Design Institute
Хэрэгжүүлэгч байгууллагын төрөл: 
Academic Institution
Мадридын насжилтын талаарх олон улсын төлөвлөгөөний (MIPAA) холбогдох асуудлууд: 
II-1 (Health promotion and well-being throughout life)
II-6 (Older persons and disabilities)
III-1 (Housing and the living environment)

"ReD" was initiated in 2006, and the "ReD 2010", held on 21-25 June 2010, comprised a series of conferences and workshops intended for designers, business leaders, civil servants and educators to address the shifting design challenges of artefacts and living environments that support a high quality of life throughout one's life.