Owning Small Businesses (매장 운영 사업)

Улс орнууд: 
Republic of Korea
Хэрэгжүүлэгч байгууллагын нэр: 
Sungnam Senior Club
Мадридын насжилтын талаарх олон улсын төлөвлөгөөний (MIPAA) холбогдох асуудлууд: 
I-1 (Active participation in society and development)
I-2 (Work and the ageing labour force)

Small-size restaurants and the traditional rice cake stores were founded and managed by older persons from a local Senior Club. The profit may be marginal, but older persons take great pleasure in being able to work and participate in social activities. Minimum wage is provided through the funding from the Ministry of Health and Welfare.