Gingko House

Gingko House is a catering service enterprise with organic ingredients and social objectives, trying to generate welfare for older persons by engaging in business. In 2005, “Everbright Concern Action”, a charitable organization founded by a group of social workers, opened the first "Gingko House" restaurant. The restaurant is run by older persons within the organization's social service center in the Wong Tai Sin District. The purpose is to provide a suitable working environment and employment opportunity for older persons who wish to work, stay active and re-gain self-confidence.

Ogawanosho Co. Ltd. (小川の庄)

The Ogawanosho company was created in 1986, and more than half of its 90 employees are 60 years or older. Faced with population ageing in this rural community, the original aim was to promote viable employment for the older persons in the community. They sell fresh vegetables, food products, and other manufactured goods. The success of the company showed what the work of the elderly, especially older women, can do for their community.

Halmae's food (할매스 푸드)

As part of the elderly employment promotion project by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the restaurant is run by a group of older women, or "halmae" (granny), from the Busan Seo-gu Senior Club. They serve food (e.g. snack food, instant noodles, fried rice, etc) at a cost lower than other restaurants, and all the profits will be used to promote elderly employment. 

Senior Café (기타 (시니어 까페))

The senior franchise café "Thinkgrove" was started in 2011 and is run by the Ministry of Health & Welfare, the Korea Labor Force Development Institute for the Aged, and the Gangnam-gu Office in Seoul. Unlike other elderly employment projects, the goal is to generate enough profits so the café will be independent from government funding. It is the first public enterprise for older persons jointly funded by the Ministry of Health, the Gangnam District Office and private companies to promote elderly employment through expansion of its branches.


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