Support Service for Elderly Owners of Buildings (支援長者業主外展服務先導計劃)

Since 2011, this Service supports elderly owners (above 60) of old buildings who are affected by property acquisition by private developers or compulsory sale under the government ordinance. Supported by professional legal and valuation advisers, it aims to help the elderly make an informed decision on their property. Older persons could use this service by dialing the hotline.


House-for-Pension Plan (老人抵押自住房银行付养老金)

This programme aims to ease the burden on the elderly in an ageing society where people have fewer or no children. Under the programme, an older person who owns a property could deed the house to an insurance company or bank, which would determine the value of the property and the applicant's life expectancy, and pay out a fixed amount of money (pension) every month.

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