Community activities for maximize the outcomes of drug therapy ("病患者藥療輔導服務"計劃)

Through the provision of pharmaceutical care service by experienced pharmacists and the active participation of patients and their care-givers, the community activities aim to maximize the therapeutic outcomes of drug therapy. Community activities include drug talks, counseling session, drug consultation, old-age home outreach service, publication of education materials, etc.

Twendy-One Nursing Robots (Twendy-One ロボット)

To address the need for nursing care, the nursing robot was developed to assist the daily life of the older persons, so that the elderly can continue to live in their own homes. The "Twendy-one" robot can use a finger that has a joint function and a spring in arms that are fit to touch objects of a complex shape. It can clean floors, carry patients around, and make breakfast in bed. 

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