Single elderly household

"Jujiale" Service Center (苏州 居家乐 服务中心)

The Jujiale (meaning "living happily at home" in Chinese) Service Center is a virtual retirement home project launched by the Bureau of Civil Affairs of Suzhou's Canglang district in 2007. The center dispatches housekeeping helpers at their clients' call for services, and also send their staff on special ocsasions (e.g. holidays and birthdays). Initially, the center offered free services for older persons in low-income families, including single elderly households, but it was extended to cover 6,100 pensioners in the district.

It’s Nice to be Old (Старость в радость)

Founded in 2006 by Ms. Liza Oleskina and Ms. Marina Kochevalova, the volunteer group visits nursing homes to care for the elderly residents. The goal is to make the residents feel they were not abandoned or forgotten. The project now covers more than 85 nursing homes in Moscow and other regions and many volunteers act as "remote grandchildren" by writing letters and being a pen pal for the older persons. 

Guardian Angels for Elderly Single Household (독거노인 수호천사 프로젝트)

The project aimed to establish a database of eldelry single households in Gyeonggi province as of March 2013. Along with creating the database, the provincial government conduted home-visits 2-3 times a week to provide help with house chores (e.g., shopping) and other admin work for single older persons. In addition, it had "red bike project" which mandated postal workers to monitor and check single elderly households, and "Carnation House" where elders living alone could come and cook or sleep together with other solitary elders. 

Pine Aged Care Services (青松老年看护服务)

The company was established by a young female entrepreneur in 2004. It aims to offer home-care services and build partnerships with other companies to provide products and services in health, travel, home and finance to senior citizens. The company has worked on making technology and the internet both accessible and fun for the elderly, delivering home-visit nurse services, caregiving and daily support to solitary older persons. 

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