Knowledge transfer

Self-Help Group for Family Carers (Консультирование и обучение нуждающихся в уходе и их семей)

Since many caregivers tend to care for their loved ones at home or other community-based settings without training or resources to gain necessary knowledge and skills, the Caritas Russia organized the network of self-help groups for these caregivers to be trained by nurses. In 2009, a total of 487 people attended the courses for nursing care in the home, composed of 60% of housekeepers, 20% nurses, and 20% non-medical caregivers. The caregiving information was also produced as a brochure. 

Big Dipper (Большая Медведица)

The project with the theme "St. Petersburg Theater: The relationship of time and generations" provided a contact point for older actors/actresses and students of the St. Petersburg Academy of Performing Arts. During the project period of Oct 2012 - Jan 2013, 4 social events facilitated interactions between 50 older performers and 20 students. Students learned how to better play the emotions and received professional advice from experienced personnel. 

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