Support Teams for the Elderly (長者支援服務隊)

"Support Teams for the Elderly provide elders with assistance so that they can live actively in the community with this support network. Service users could receive telephone contacts, home visits and personal assistance. The programme also promotes senior volunteerism to encourage elders to become volunteers themselves, to be continuously involved in social affairs and to serve other elders in need so as to promote a sense of worthiness.

Nursing Care Volunteer (介護支援ボランティア事業)

Healthy and able seniors are welcome to become Nursing Care Volunteers in elderly homes. Points will be awarded to participants and they can be exchanged into money or be donated once they reach a certain amount. Older persons participating in volunteer activities are  the contributors as well as the beneficiaries. They will be able to contribute to the community while at the same time, they can maintain a healthy living style themselves.

Computer literacy course for active pensioners (Курс компьютерной грамотности для активных пенсионеров)

The project was arranged through collaboration among the regional branch of the NGO "All-Russia Society of Deaf People" and the Northern (Arctic) Lomonosov Federal University with a grant from the Federal Government. To promote online education among pensioners, volunteers assist older persons to learn to adapt to the life in a digital community. In 2012, the classes were planned for three times a week, for 6 weeks. 

Neighbourhood Elderly Care Project (「護老街坊」鄰舍支援計劃)

This is a two-year, time-bound project (July 2011 - June 2013). It aims to support elderly living in the community by training neighbours to offer volunteer home-based care to the nearby elderly and to build human capital to serve the community. The trained volunteers would provide home support service to the matched elders, including meal delivery or preparation, house cleaning, escort, purchase and delivery of daily necessities and house sitting.

It’s Nice to be Old (Старость в радость)

Founded in 2006 by Ms. Liza Oleskina and Ms. Marina Kochevalova, the volunteer group visits nursing homes to care for the elderly residents. The goal is to make the residents feel they were not abandoned or forgotten. The project now covers more than 85 nursing homes in Moscow and other regions and many volunteers act as "remote grandchildren" by writing letters and being a pen pal for the older persons. 

River of Life (РЕКА ЖИЗНИ)

River of life project has organized health groups and a series of trainings on digital literacy for older adults, both of which were organized through volunteers. The project in 2012 offered social activities for older persons through education, counselling, support groups, and other lesiure activities. The number of participants was about 100-130 and 14 projects were underway. 

"Spring Shoots Programme (Volunteer-powered elderly care project)"

The "Spring Shoots Programme" promoted volunteering for elderly care in Beijing, implemented in 2010. It was also a management capacity-building programme for volunteers, as it included training for volunteer project managers and volunteer leaders, plus a component of tailor-made coaching and small grant support for three selected "Volunteerism for Development" model projects.


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