Handmade Happy Furniture Store (핸드메이드 행복가구점)

A nationwide competition for social volunteering projects in 2013 awarded the best prize to the "Handmade Happy Furniture Store" in Cheongsong-gun. The Cheongsong-gun volunteering center launched the programme where older persons volunteer to repair damaged or abandoned furnitures and deliver them to the underprivileged households in the local community. The programme aims to fully utilize the woodcraft skills of senior citizens.

Re-useable Material Collection and Recycling (폐현수막 재활용 사업)

To promote environmental sustainability, older persons recycle used banners (made of synthetic materials, and commonly found in the streets of the the Republic of Korea to announce events or for advertisement) to make re-usable shopping bags, burlap bags, farming clothes, etc, and sell them at the local market. This business model requires investment at the set-up stage only, and then it becomes financially self-sufficient, as the raw material (used banners) is free.

Recycling business (물물 사업단)

Discarded materials (home appliances, bicycles, clothes, etc) are gathered, separated and repaired by older persons and then re-sold at social enterprise outlets or local flea market. Organized by social enterprise and local senior clubs, all the profits from this initiative go to either helping underprivileged people in the community or promoting elderly employment. 

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