Online Training for Dementia Care (痴呆优质照护在线培训课程)

이행 기관명: 
Alzheimer’s Disease Chinese (ADC)
이행 기관 유형: 
MIAPP 관련 이슈: 
II-4 (Training of care providers and health professionals)
II-5 (Mental health needs of older persons)

The online training course is designed for professional care workers and family carers of persons with dementia. It was developed by Alzheimer’s Disease Chinese (ADC) in collaboration with Peking University Institute of Mental Health and China Alzheimer’s Project. There are 5 modules for the "Dementia: Basics course" and 10 modules for the "Dementia: Advanced course". Access to these 15-modules is available at at any time, for a fee. Learners can receive certificates upon completion of all the modules and passing an exam.