Community Care Service Voucher for the Elderly (長者社區照顧服務券試驗計劃)

Hong Kong
이행 기관명: 
Social Welfare Department, Hong Kong SAR
이행 기관 유형: 
MIAPP 관련 이슈: 
I-7 (Income security, social protection/social security and poverty prevention)
II-1 (Health promotion and well-being throughout life)
II-2 (Universal and equal access to health-care services)

Eligible elderly receive a voucher valued HK$6,000 per month. They may use the voucher for the community care services, including government recognized day care centre and home care services, that suit their individual needs. The remaining voucher value cannot be carried forward to the following month. Part of the cost of the voucher is born by the elderly. The amount they have to pay each moth will be determined by Social Welfare Department according to the household income. There are five levels of payment by the elderly: HK$500, $750, $1,000, $1,500 and $2,500.