Zero Tolerance to Isolation Project (孤立ゼロプロジェクト)

The local government promotes ageing in place, and to create a community where residents want to keep on living regardless of how old they may become. In recognition of the fact that many elders living alone lose all social contacts, older persons (70 years and over, living alone or with an elderly spouse) may ask the local government to arrange for regular visits by community volunteers. A volunteer will come for a face-to-face discussion on the desired frequency of visits and emergency contacts at the beginning of the service.

Local Community Builders (あだち皆援隊講座)

In order to promote participatory community building and to improve the life satisfaction of the residents, the Adachi local government organizes a series of seminars for working-age adults as well as retirees to increase their involvement in the life of the local community. Seminars include how to start a small business, and how to make an age-friendly community, among others. Older persons are both active participants and beneficiaries of this community-building project.

Community House for Older Persons "Gyeongrodang" (경로당)

Gyeongrodang is a community house for older persons. They are open during daytime for the community’s senior citizens, mainly over 65 years old, to spontaneously gather for socialization and leisure. Depending on locality, some Gyeongrodang provide information sessions on public health or other topics. Government laws of 2003 stipulate that one Gyeongrodang building be built for every 160 households nationwide. Easy access and governmental support make Gyeongrodang a center for the elders in local communities, and prevent older persons from being isolated.

Neighbourhood Elderly Care Project (「護老街坊」鄰舍支援計劃)

This is a two-year, time-bound project (July 2011 - June 2013). It aims to support elderly living in the community by training neighbours to offer volunteer home-based care to the nearby elderly and to build human capital to serve the community. The trained volunteers would provide home support service to the matched elders, including meal delivery or preparation, house cleaning, escort, purchase and delivery of daily necessities and house sitting.

Community Rehabilitation and Pain Relief Station (社區復康及痛楚紓緩站)

The Community Rehabilitation and Pain Relief Station provides pain-relief service to the elderly suffering from arthritis, muscle pain, acute pain, etc, in order to enhance their ability in daily functioning. The services (rehabilitation exercise, physiotherapy treatment, acupuncture and consultation by Chinese medicine practitioners) can be accessed at the three Service Centers in Hong Kong.


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