Ad-hoc Housework Help for Eldelry (生活支援ヘルパー派遣)

This service is intended for older persons who, due to an injury etc, have difficulties performing daily household tasks for a limited period, but who are otherwise fit to perform functions of daily life. Older persons living alone (or with an elderly spouse) may apply for this service, and upon certification of eligibilty by the City, the service can be requested for up to 2 hours a week at the service fee of 220 yen per hour.

Sun-drying Futon and Bed Linen (寝具の乾燥・消毒)

This is a service to sun-dry (and thereby sterilize) futon and bed linen. It is a common household task in Japan where people traditionally sleep on cotton-filled futon. Elderly who are living on their own and have difficulties performing this themselves may request this service. Upon certification of eligibility by the City, the service is provided once every month for free.

Installation of Earthquake-resistant Furnitures for Older Persons (家具転倒防止金具等取付事業)

Older persons (65 years old or above) living alone or with his/her elderly spouse, as well as persons with disabilities, are eligible for this service. The City will arrange for someone (an older person from the same community, employed for the temporary job through the City's Silver Human Resources Center) to visit their house and stabilize up to 4 pieces of furniture (e.g. closet, cupboard, book shelf, etc) with special appratus so that the furniture will not fall during earthquakes.

Hairdressing and Beauty Service for Bedridden Elderly (ねたきり高齢者訪問理容・美容サービス)

Older persons (65 years old and above) who are certified at Levels 3, 4, or 5 in the national scale of nursing needs and who are bedridden, are eligible for this service. If qualified, the NGO can arrange a local hair dresser or/and beauty parlor to visit the older person's home for hair cut/dressing for up to 5 times a year.

Photo with Love Project (愛心攝影服務)

In this digital world where traditional photography shops are becoming less common, it is often difficult for older persons and persons with disabilities to get a proper photo of themselves. This project aims to take formal as well as daily pictures for the elderly free of charge. Volunteer photographers, including professional, retired,  and amateur photographers, provide this service. Any social organizations could apply for this service on behalf of the older person.

Community Care Service Voucher for the Elderly (長者社區照顧服務券試驗計劃)

Eligible elderly receive a voucher valued HK$6,000 per month. They may use the voucher for the community care services, including government recognized day care centre and home care services, that suit their individual needs. The remaining voucher value cannot be carried forward to the following month. Part of the cost of the voucher is born by the elderly. The amount they have to pay each moth will be determined by Social Welfare Department according to the household income. There are five levels of payment by the elderly: HK$500, $750, $1,000, $1,500 and $2,500.



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