Hundred Elders (長者百人)

Dynacare initiated this project to videotape and record the life stories of 100 elders in 2012-2013. These stories are then broadcasted to the public on TV and online platform. The experience and wisdom of the elders can therefore be passed on to the next generation. Also, through understanding their stories, inter-generational relationships can be improved and can help elders lead a meaningful life.


Life Book (Personalized Printing Service) (長者生命故事 (個人化印書服務))

Every elder has a unique life story to tell and wisdom to share. A personalized book printing service for elders provide the chance for these wisdom and experiences to be passed on to the next generation in a published format. The elderly will be interviewed by a professional writer for two hours. Then the writer will write up the story with photos provided by the elderly. Content and design of the book will be approved by the client before publishing.

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