National Health and Welfare Festival "Nenrinpic" (全国健康福祉祭「ねんりんピック」)

A yearly festival of sports competition and cultural activities by older persons aged 60 and over. There are a total of 15 types of competitions, such as table tennis, tennis, soft tennis, archery, softball, fencing, soccer, gate ball, petanque, tai-chi, chess, Japanese chess, and Mahjong. There are also activities for persons of all ages to participate in. The "Nenrin-pic" has been held annually since 1988 to celebrate longevity and to create a society where older persons enjoy life with a sense of purpose.

eElderly (長青網)

The eElderly website targets a wide range of users including third-agers and older persons (aged 50 and above) so as to promote digital inclusion. eElderly contains news, information on discount shopping, learning materials, social media, and  other useful information for older persons and NGOs.

Elderly Clubs (老人クラブ)

Elderly Clubs are formed on a voluntary basis by the older persons living in the district. Grants up to JPY 4,800 per month are given from the City to the Elderly Clubs to finance qualified activities, such as, community service, educational, and health promotion activities. All elderly (above 60 years old) living in Fukuoka City are eligible to join the Club activities. Various activities are organized by the Elderly Clubs, for example, sports competitions, golf tournament, chess competition, elderly's arts exhibition, farms operated by the elderly, etc.

Nursing Care Volunteer (介護支援ボランティア事業)

Healthy and able seniors are welcome to become Nursing Care Volunteers in elderly homes. Points will be awarded to participants and they can be exchanged into money or be donated once they reach a certain amount. Older persons participating in volunteer activities are  the contributors as well as the beneficiaries. They will be able to contribute to the community while at the same time, they can maintain a healthy living style themselves.

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