Digital inclusion

eElderly (長青網)

The eElderly website targets a wide range of users including third-agers and older persons (aged 50 and above) so as to promote digital inclusion. eElderly contains news, information on discount shopping, learning materials, social media, and  other useful information for older persons and NGOs.

Computer literacy course for active pensioners (Курс компьютерной грамотности для активных пенсионеров)

The project was arranged through collaboration among the regional branch of the NGO "All-Russia Society of Deaf People" and the Northern (Arctic) Lomonosov Federal University with a grant from the Federal Government. To promote online education among pensioners, volunteers assist older persons to learn to adapt to the life in a digital community. In 2012, the classes were planned for three times a week, for 6 weeks. 

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