Alzheimer's disease

Dimentia Village "Hogeway"

Co-founded by a group of nursing home managers in 2009, Hogeway is operated as a "nursing home" within the Dutch governmental system. However, rather than being a building or a compound, this "nursing home" is an entire 4-acre neighbourhood with residential buildings and other facilities for everyday life such as supermarket, restaurant and hair salon.

Consultancy service for dementia-friendly environment (顾问服务)

The JCCPA provides consultancy services for organizations that wish to uplift overall care standards and effectiveness for persons with dementia and mild cognitive impairements.  The consultancy service covers: planning and management of projects and services for older persons, providing training on dementia, and designing buildings for persons with dementia.

China Alzheiner's Project (记忆健康360工程)

The China Alzheimer's Project was launched in 2009 by the China Contemporary TCM Institute (an NGO under the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine). Its mission is to raise public awareness on prevention, care, and knowledge of Alzheimer's disease and to reduce the incidence of such disease. To do so, the organization has carried out various activities such as education, research, and advocacy. It also established cooperation with the Nursing School of Peking University Medical Center in 2010 to jointly develop education and training programs.

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