Nursing Homes at Temples (寺院养老)

Ji Xiang Temple and other temples in FuJiang Province set up nursing homes in their premises to make use of the religious resources while providing a peaceful and quiet place to live for the aged. Doctors pay regular visits to care for the seniors, and nutritionists are hired to ensure they eat well. The temple nursing homes receive funding from collections raised by the temples' masters and abbots and from donations of social entrepreneurs.

Integrated Home Care Service (綜合家居照顧服務)

In order to enable elders and those who have difficulties in daily functioning to remain living in the community, Integrated Home Care Service provides the elderly with a wide spectrum of home care and support services. Services include nursing care, rehabilitation service, home safety and advice, home modification, personal care, escorting service, day respite care, child care, laundry, meal delivery service, purchase of daily necessities, house cleaning, psycho-social intervention and referral service etc.

Neighbourhood Elderly Care Project (「護老街坊」鄰舍支援計劃)

This is a two-year, time-bound project (July 2011 - June 2013). It aims to support elderly living in the community by training neighbours to offer volunteer home-based care to the nearby elderly and to build human capital to serve the community. The trained volunteers would provide home support service to the matched elders, including meal delivery or preparation, house cleaning, escort, purchase and delivery of daily necessities and house sitting.

Twendy-One Nursing Robots (Twendy-One ロボット)

To address the need for nursing care, the nursing robot was developed to assist the daily life of the older persons, so that the elderly can continue to live in their own homes. The "Twendy-one" robot can use a finger that has a joint function and a spring in arms that are fit to touch objects of a complex shape. It can clean floors, carry patients around, and make breakfast in bed. 


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