Brain Gym (健腦網)

Brain Gym aims to improve the brain health of older persons. The website comprises all of the information about brain health, including basic physiology and functions of brain, tips for a healthy brain, recipes for brain-healthy food, latest news about brain fitness and brain disease, Online Brain Test and Online Brain Training System. All elderlies are free to browse the Brain Gym website anytime. (

Liason Committee for Elderly with Dementia (認知症高齢者関係機関連絡会)

The liaison committee is set to exchange opinions, information and best practices on preventing and spotting dementia patients wandering on the street. Advocacy activities are also held by the Committee. District Offices, Police Stations, Fire Stations, Medical Institutions and related regional organizations form the Liaison Committee. Older persons may contribute inputs to this committee.

Guardian Angels for Elderly Single Household (독거노인 수호천사 프로젝트)

The project aimed to establish a database of eldelry single households in Gyeonggi province as of March 2013. Along with creating the database, the provincial government conduted home-visits 2-3 times a week to provide help with house chores (e.g., shopping) and other admin work for single older persons. In addition, it had "red bike project" which mandated postal workers to monitor and check single elderly households, and "Carnation House" where elders living alone could come and cook or sleep together with other solitary elders. 

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