Family caregivers

Self-Help Group for Family Carers (Консультирование и обучение нуждающихся в уходе и их семей)

Since many caregivers tend to care for their loved ones at home or other community-based settings without training or resources to gain necessary knowledge and skills, the Caritas Russia organized the network of self-help groups for these caregivers to be trained by nurses. In 2009, a total of 487 people attended the courses for nursing care in the home, composed of 60% of housekeepers, 20% nurses, and 20% non-medical caregivers. The caregiving information was also produced as a brochure. 

Pine Aged Care Services (青松老年看护服务)

The company was established by a young female entrepreneur in 2004. It aims to offer home-care services and build partnerships with other companies to provide products and services in health, travel, home and finance to senior citizens. The company has worked on making technology and the internet both accessible and fun for the elderly, delivering home-visit nurse services, caregiving and daily support to solitary older persons. 

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