Digital ageing

100 Intelligent Bases for the Aged (智能化养老实验基地)

The Chinese government plans to build 100 high-tech nursing homes to address long-term care demands of the growing ageing population. The high-tech system will feature cutting-edge information and communication technologies to provide medical care, education, and entertainment for the elderly. It can also provide customized rehabilitation and mental care according to individual needs.

Pine Aged Care Services (青松老年看护服务)

The company was established by a young female entrepreneur in 2004. It aims to offer home-care services and build partnerships with other companies to provide products and services in health, travel, home and finance to senior citizens. The company has worked on making technology and the internet both accessible and fun for the elderly, delivering home-visit nurse services, caregiving and daily support to solitary older persons. 

White Flame Gray Hairs (Белое пламя седин)

As a result of winning the funding competition by the Charitable Foundation "Good City of St. Petersburg", the Foundation launched the project on 15 August 2013 to create conditions for optimizing social participation of older persons in the modern world. The project offers: 1) Training on how to use the computer and the internet, 2) Film workshops to learn how to create videos and share them on the internet, 3) Writing classes for sharing experiences and making reflections on the participants' lives, and 4) German conversation club. 

Information and Communication Technologies for the Elderly (Информационно-коммуникационные технологии для пожилых людей: новые шансы для социального включения и демократии)

The "House Project" - NGO based in St. Petersburg -  developed a project in 2009 to use ICT to prevent isolation of older persons, based on a belief that the use of information and communication technologies can have a significant impact on solving the problems of loneliness and isolation of the elderly. Nine organizations from 4 countries of the Baltic Sea Region will also collaborate with the Russian NGO to exchange exeprience of each country and analyze the best practices to develop joint initiatives to promote quailty of life for senior citizens by digital inclusion. 

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