Yokohama Senior Volunteer Points) (よこはまシニアボランティアポイント)

Senior residents (65 years old and above) of Yokohama City may register as volunteers to help at elderly nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, day care centers, hospitals, clinics, etc. When they volunteer, they earn points, which they can accumulate and convert to cash at the end of the year. There are over 9,000 volunteers registered.

Neighbourhood Elderly Care Project (「護老街坊」鄰舍支援計劃)

This is a two-year, time-bound project (July 2011 - June 2013). It aims to support elderly living in the community by training neighbours to offer volunteer home-based care to the nearby elderly and to build human capital to serve the community. The trained volunteers would provide home support service to the matched elders, including meal delivery or preparation, house cleaning, escort, purchase and delivery of daily necessities and house sitting.

Photo with Love Project (愛心攝影服務)

In this digital world where traditional photography shops are becoming less common, it is often difficult for older persons and persons with disabilities to get a proper photo of themselves. This project aims to take formal as well as daily pictures for the elderly free of charge. Volunteer photographers, including professional, retired,  and amateur photographers, provide this service. Any social organizations could apply for this service on behalf of the older person.


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