Ogawanosho Co. Ltd. (小川の庄)

The Ogawanosho company was created in 1986, and more than half of its 90 employees are 60 years or older. Faced with population ageing in this rural community, the original aim was to promote viable employment for the older persons in the community. They sell fresh vegetables, food products, and other manufactured goods. The success of the company showed what the work of the elderly, especially older women, can do for their community.

Senior Barista (시니어 바리스타)

From 2010 to 2013, Korea Labor Force Development Institute for the Aged recruited interested older persons to receive barista training for 2 months and then work at the Silver Day Café located at the base floor of Dukyang Senior Welfare Center. Gwangsan Senior Welfare Center Community also opened a book café and silver café through a community cooperative composed of older adults using the center.

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