Month for Respecting the Elderly (敬老月間事業)

Held since 1962, it is a month of celebration of longevity and paying respect to older persons. A series of events are held every September (since September 15th is the national holiday "Day for Respecting the Elderly"), for example, city officials' visit to the oldest person, as well as to centenarians, and nursing homes.  Discounts are provided to older persons at participating cultural facilities. 

National Health and Welfare Festival "Nenrinpic" (全国健康福祉祭「ねんりんピック」)

A yearly festival of sports competition and cultural activities by older persons aged 60 or over. There are a total of 15 types of competitions, such as table tennis, tennis, soft tennis, archery, softball, fencing, soccer, gate ball, petanque, tai-chi, chess, Japanese chess, and "mahjong". There are also activities for persons of all ages to participate. The "Nenrin-pic" has been held annually since 1988 to celebrate longevity and to create a society where older persons enjoy life with a sense of purpose.

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