Dementia Supporter Training Lecture (認知症サポーター養成講座)

The City offers a regular seminar on dementia, with a view to making their community dementia-friendly. Recognizing the fact that 1 in 10 older persons (65 years and above) living in Musashino City is affected by the disease, this free, public education programme provides basic knowledge and practical tips for comminicating and living with persons affected by dementia. Anyone living in Musashino City is welcome, and upon completion they are given an orange wrist band of "community dementia supporter".

Zero Tolerance to Isolation Project (孤立ゼロプロジェクト)

The local government promotes ageing in place, and to create a community where residents want to keep on living regardless of how old they may become. In recognition of the fact that many elders living alone lose all social contacts, older persons (70 years and over, living alone or with an elderly spouse) may ask the local government to arrange for regular visits by community volunteers. A volunteer will come for a face-to-face discussion on the desired frequency of visits and emergency contacts at the beginning of the service.

Mobile Truck for Dementia Patients (「賽馬會高錕腦伴同行」流動車)

This is the first mobile truck for dementia patients in Hong Kong, to reach out for dementia patients. Operating since 2013, the truck is equipped with an activity room where consultations and cognitive trainings for patients can be carried out. The service is provided free of charge. The truck will travel to districts with a large elderly population and with inadequate support services for dementia patients. It will cooperate with local community organizations to promote the service.

The Hong Kong Coalition of Dementia Carers (第一屆全港失智症照顧者論壇)

The Coalition is a voluntary association initiated in 2007 by carers and families of dementia patients. It is a platform for the carers of dementia patients to interact with and support one another. It also promotes community education to raise public awareness on dementia patients. Advocacy and lobbying activities to the government on improving policies for dementia patients are also conducted.


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