Elderly Human Rights Movie (노인 인권 영화)

In 2013, Sokcho City Senior Welfare Center developed a special project to make a movie that advocates for the human rights of older persons. The center trained a group of senior members to direct and produce videos and created a cast of senior citizens for the shooting. The film will be distributed to elementary and middle schools in Sokcho City to educate students on protecting the human rights of older persons.

The Elderly Women Who Guard The Art Gallery (Суровые смотрительницы на страже российских музеев)

In most Russian state museums, the guardians are retired women women work as the guardians. They do not have to wear a uniform. In many cases, these elderly women appreciate art and have sufficient knowledge to explain the displayed art pieces. Inspired by this, a photographer, Andy Freeberg, initiated a photographic project of these elderly women entitled "Guardians of Russian Art Museums".

Russian-German Meeting Center in St. Petersburg (Русско-немецкий Центр встреч (РНЦВ)) и Василеостровском районе Санкт-Петербурга (МО №7))

In order to provide "support for people affected by national socialism and to encourage intergenerational dialogue" as described by CAF Russia, the programme in 2013 provided a meeting place for former prisoners of concentration camps in cooperation with the German Foundation "Remembrance, Responsibility and Future". It targeted those aged 72-77 years who were physically mobile. The project had two thematic areas: 1) Creative workshops on various topics (e.g.

Film project "Third Age New Opportunities" (Кинопроект «Третий возраст – новые возможности»)

In 2012, NGO "House of Projects" used cinematography to stimulate the creative resources of older persons by offering training courses and organizing a social film festival to feature the daily lives of older persons. 

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