Film project "Third Age New Opportunities" (Кинопроект «Третий возраст – новые возможности»)

Russian Federation
Implemented by: 
"House of projects" (Дом проектов)
Relevant MIPAA Issues: 
I-1 (Active participation in society and development)
I-4 (Access to knowledge, education and training)

In 2012, NGO "House of Projects" used cinematography to stimulate the creative resources of older persons by offering training courses and organizing a social film festival to feature the daily lives of older persons. 

The NGO developed a training course for older persons on how to make a movie (a 48-hour course) and then held a photo exhibition of the 15 elderly students. It also organized a social film festival which received 55 works for competition and received attention from the local media (8 articles were produced). Many older persons reported having a fresh lense of seeing the world around them, so the NGO plans to continue the training and expand the audience to people of other ages, especially young people.