Activity and Longevity (Активность и долголетие, Гатчинский р-н, п. Кобринское, Ленобласть)

Russian Federation
Implemented by: 
"Social service center ""Citizens Council District Gatchinsky"" (МБУ «Центр социального обслуживания населения» Гатчинского муниципального района)"
Relevant MIPAA Issues: 
I-1 (Active participation in society and development)
I-4 (Access to knowledge, education and training)
I-5 (Intergenerational solidarity)
II-5 (Mental health needs of older persons)

The project's goal is to develop personal skills and increase knowledge of older persons and promote active participation in community life. Sixty-five older participants (aged 60 to 85) and 30 young students participated in the project. The project in 2012 included offering educational courses in civics, computer literacy, English language, and local history; organizing sightseeing; and performing holiday celebrations in the village of Siverskij. Upon evaluation, 98% of elderly participants said that their mood improved and 75% felt that they were still a necessary member of society to contribute. The organization planned to increase the number of participants to 150 and to initiate a new volunteer social project.