Social enterprise "Du Du" (사회적 기업 "두두")

Republic of Korea
Implemented by: 
Daegu Suseong Senior Club
Relevant MIPAA Issues: 
I-1 (Active participation in society and development)
I-2 (Work and the ageing labour force)
I-6 (Eradication of poverty)

Since 2008, Daegu Suseong Senior Club (DSSC)* runs projects to promote elderly entreneurship and employment of older persons, with support from the Ministry of Health and Welfare. DSSC's "Du Du" project lets older persons grow and harvest their own beans and process them into products such as tofu, and sell them online. *(All senior clubs in the Republic of Korea were created by Article 23 of the Elderly Welfare Law and are supported by the Ministry of Health and Welfare.)