Working as guides in national parks (은퇴노인 숲해설가)

Republic of Korea
Implemented by: 
Private companies (e.g. Kyobo Life Insurance Co. Ltd), Local senior clubs (e.g. Bucheon senior club)
Type of Implementer(s): 
Private sector
Relevant MIPAA Issues: 
I-1 (Active participation in society and development)
I-2 (Work and the ageing labour force)
I-4 (Access to knowledge, education and training)
I-6 (Eradication of poverty)

From 2012 to 2013, with funding from the Ministry of Health and Welfare, private companies offered a training programme for older persons to become a guide for public forests and national parks. After acquiring the license issued by the Korea Forest Service, older persons could work as guides. Local senior clubs were the main link for older persons to these training and job opportunities.