The Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing (MIPAA) was adopted at the Second World Assembly on Ageing in 2002. It is the most comprehensive internationally agreed plan of action on ageing to date, and it marks a turning point in how the world addresses the various challenges related to the global population ageing.


The broad aim of MIPAA is “to ensure that persons everywhere are able to age with security and dignity and to continue to participate in their societies as citizens with full rights” (para. 10). It calls for changes in attitudes, policies and practices at all levels in all sectors so that the enormous potential of ageing in the 21st century may be fulfilled.


It is a resource for policymaking, suggesting ways for governments, NGOs, and other actors to reorient the ways in which our societies perceive, interact with and care for older citizens.



As the figure above, MIPAA comprises three “priority directions”, or pillars: I) Older persons and development; II) Advancing health and well-being into old age; and III) Ensuring enabling and supportive environments, which further break down into a wide range of economic and social challenges (see below for a complete list of 3 pillars and related issues).


Each entry in the Database of Initiatives found on this Knowledge-Sharing Platform is associated with one or more related MIPAA issues that it addresses.


MIPAA: The 3 pillars and related issues


Pillar I: Older persons and development

Issue I-1: Active participation in society and development

Issue I-2: Work and the ageing labour force

Issue I-3: Rural development, migration and urbanization

Issue I-4: Access to knowledge, education and training

Issue I-5: Intergenerational solidarity

Issue I-6: Eradication of poverty

Issue I-7: Income security, social protection/social security and poverty prevention

Issue I-8: Emergency situations


Pillar II: Advancing health and well-being into old age

Issue II-1: Health promotion and well-being throughout life

Issue II-2: Universal and equal access to health-care services

Issue II-3: Older persons and HIV/AIDS

Issue II-4: Training of care providers and health professionals

Issue II-5: Mental health needs of older persons

Issue II-6: Older persons and disabilities


Pillar III: Ensuring enabling and supportive environments

Issue III-1: Housing and the living environment

Issue III-2: Care and support for caregivers

Issue III-3: Neglect, abuse and violence

Issue III-4: Images of ageing




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