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Knowledge-Sharing Platform (KSP)


Building Sustainable Ageing Societies 

                      in East and North-East Asia                       




Population ageing is one of the priority areas of economic and social development for the six member States in the East and North-East Asian (ENEA) subregion. In 2010, the number of older persons (65 years and over) in ENEA countries accounted for 56% in Asia, and 32% in the world. ESCAP has acted as the focal point in coordinating regional cooperation and international exchange of policies and programmes on population ageing in the Asia-Pacific region, as reflected in the Shanghai Implementation Strategy (2004) and convening the Asia-Pacific Review of the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing in 2012. Against this background, ESCAP ENEA Office has been strengthening ESCAP’s work on population ageing in the East and North-East Asian subregion.


ESCAP ENEA Office together with the National Health and Family Planning Commission of China organized the Asian Symposium on Building Sustainable Ageing Societies on 4-6 July 2012 in Changchun, China. During the Symposium, 110 participants, including Ministerial-level and civil society participants, adopted an Outcome Document, calling for a knowledge-sharing platform to be built on sustainable ageing societies.


To implement this recommendation, ESCAP ENEA Office has developed this Knowledge-Sharing Platform for Building Sustainable Ageing Societies. This platform aims to facilitate the exchange of innovative ideas and good practice among various stakeholders trying to build sustainable, vibrant ageing societies in ENEA, the fastest ageing subregion in the world.



• To provide an online reservoir of experiences and existing knowledge on population ageing-related challenges, useful to the general public as well as specialists

• To facilitate transfer of innovative ideas that are put to practice by various stakeholders and that can be replicated elsewhere (with modifications, as necessary), to create sustainable and prosperous ageing societies in East and North-East Asia

• To create an online community of individuals and organizations promoting age-friendly societies in East and North-East Asia


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The UN ESCAP East and North-East Asia Office was established in Incheon, Republic of Korea in 2010 to strengthen regional cooperation on economic and social development and environmental sustainability. It covers six member States – China, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Japan, Mongolia, the Republic of Korea and the Russian Federation – and two associate members – Hong Kong and Macao.


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