Pro-Poor Public Private Partnership

Access to electricity is a necessary step in rural development, but in isolation is not sufficient to improve the economic capacity of communities throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Rural electrification programmes should focus on fostering enterprise development through the productive use of energy. This allows for rural communities to take full advantage of previously unexplored opportunities in economic and social development.

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The 5P approach is a flagship business model developed by United Nations ESCAP which works to provide valuable energy services to rural communities through public private partnerships. Along with the provision of energy services, community involvement and rural development is at the core of the 5P model. Pilot projects are currently being implemented in Nepal and Lao PDR where 24 and 22 per cent of the population remain without access to electricity. The projects utilize locally available renewable resources through solar mini-grid or micro-hydro technologies in order to provide communities with sustainable and environmentally friendly energy services.

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