Statistical Yearbook for Asia and the Pacific 2012
Team for the preparation of the Statistical Yearbook for Asia and the Pacific 2013

The primary responsibility for the producing the Statistical Yearbook lies with the ESCAP Statistics Division, under the guidance of Haishan Fu, Director, Statistics Division. The team for the production of this Yearbook includes:

Team Leader
Yanhong Zhang

Harumi Shibata

Statistics and data management
Coordinator: Eric Hermouet
Krisana Boonpriroje, Nongnuch Hiranyapaisansakul, Marisa Limawongpranee, Nixie Mabanag Abarquez, Teerapong Praphotjanaporn, Jurairat Sajjapongse, and Panpaka Supakalin

Editing and research
Statistics Division staff provided inputs in the production process: Aaron Beck, Daniel Clarke, Jessamyn Encarnacion, Maxwell Handrus, Rikke Munk Hansen, Marko Javorsek, Habibur Rahman Khan, Christopher Sean Lovell, Jonathan Marskell, Tanja Sejersen, Sharita Serrao, Anna Tzoneva.

Editing and layout
Editor: Dienne Miller and Orestes Plasencia
Layout and design: Laksanawadee Klawploadtook

This publication was made possible thanks to the invaluable contribution from experts both in and outside of the United Nations system. Contributors and reviewers for each topic are acknowledged on the next pages.

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