Statistical Yearbook for Asia and the Pacific 2011

This publication would not have been possible without the contribution of data from numerous international agencies; the invaluable contributions and expertise of staff from many United Nations entities; and the careful review performed by the peer reviewers.

Data sources

We appreciate the effort of international agencies to compile data and produce statistics, which are the data sources (listed in the technical notes) for the Yearbook. We would like to especially thank those that contributed to the calculation of regional and economic aggregates: the UNESCO Institute for Statistics; the ILO Employment Sector Department and Department of Statistics; and the United Nations Population Division.

Editing and layout

We are grateful for the efforts by Laksanawadee Klawploadtook, who designed the publication; and to Kim Atkinson and Orestes Placencia, who edited the publication and worked to improve the consistency and language style.


We would like to thank the following individuals who contributed, and the agencies or offices who supported them in making a contribution, to the analysis of development trends and emerging issues contained in the Yearbook (in alphabetical order by organization):

ESCAP: Adnan H. Aliani (urbanization); Rusyan Jill Mamiit (access to water and sanitation and water use); Kelly Hayden (air pollution and biodiversity, protected areas and forests); Hitomi Rankine, Adnan H. Aliani and Kenan Mogultay (biodiversity, protected areas and forests); Salmah Zakaria (water use); and Hongpeng Liu, Abhijeet Deshpande and Kohji Iwakami (energy supply and use); Preminda Joseph Fernando, Tiziana Bonapace and Ilpo Survo (information and communications technology); Mari Sawai (natural disasters); Shuvojit Banerjee (economic growth); Muhammad Hussain Malik (poverty and inequality); Alberto Isgut (financing for development); Pisit Puapan (fiscal balance); Shahid Ahmed (inflation and interest rates); Donovan Storey and Marco Roncarati (demographic trends); Vanessa Steinmayer (international migration); Anna Coates and Marie Sicat (gender equality); Yanhong Zhang (employment); Mia Mikic (international trade); and A.S.M. Abdul Quium, Pierre Chartier, Madan B. Regmi and Tengfei Wang (transport)

ILO Employment trends unit: Steven Kapsos (employment)

UNAIDS Regional Support Team for Asia and the Pacific: Bob Verbruggen, Amala Reddy, Khin Cho Win Htin and Ye Yu Shwe (HIV and AIDS)

UNESCO Institute for Statistics: Nyi Nyi Thaung, Simon Ellis, Aurélie Acoca, Shailendra Sigdel, Leotes Lugo Helin, Natalie-Ann Hall, Hélène Tran, Ioulia Sementchouk, Weixin Lu and Rohan Pathirage (participation in education; educational outcomes, financial and human resources for education; and research and development)

UNICEF East Asia and Pacific regional office: Mahesh Patel, Basil Rodriques and Asheena Khalakdina (child health, and maternal and reproductive health)

UNWTO: Jing Xu, John Kester (tourism)

WHO Regional office for the Western Pacific: Eva-Maria Christophel, Bayo Segun Fatunmbi, Catharina van Weezenbeek and Nobuyuki Nishikiori (malaria and tuberculosis); Wang Xiangdong, Nina Rehn-Mendoza, Hai-Rim Shin, Cherian Varghese and Krishnan Rajam (other health risks); and Dorjsuren Bayarsaikhan, Chris James, Rahul Reddy Kadarpeta, Kathleen Fritsch and Rodel Nodora (financial and human resources for health)

WHO Regional office for South-East Asia: Jyotsna Chikersal (other health risks; malaria and tuberculosis; and financial and human resources for health)

Peer reviewers

We appreciate the effort of the following peer reviewers for ensuring the quality and relevance of this Yearbook (in alphabetical order by organization): Soumyananda Dinda, Chandragupt Institute of Management Patna; Luis G. González, ECLAC; Clovis Freire, Jorge Martinez Navarrete, Jean-Michel Sadoul, Donovan Storey, Ilpo Survo and Jean-Louis Vignuda, ESCAP; Steven Kapsos, ILO; Jerry Velasquez, International Strategy for Disaster Reduction Asia and Pacific; M. Ataharul Islam, King Saud University; Vincent Valentine, UNCTAD; Michalis P. Adamantiadis, UNECE; Roberto Saltori, UNICEF Asia-Pacific Shared Services Centre; Wing-Sie Cheng, Festo P. Kavishe, Asheena Khalakdina, Amalee McCoy, Cliff Meyers, Mahesh Patel, Basil Rodriques and Editha Venus-Maslang, UNICEF East Asia and Pacific Regional Office; Lisa Morrison and Marta Roig, UNDESA; Atsuko Okuda, UNDM; and Thanh Le, University of Queensland.

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